Melissa Peterson

stella&zola fireplaceWe have been showing our Ridgebacks since 2007 when acquiring our beautiful Zola from Sandra Drogmiller of Kissi African Lion Hounds. Having known Sandra for several years prior while attending rally and obedience with our companion RR, it seemed like a natural choice. She was an integral part of my journey in understanding structure, conformation training, health & breeding knowledge that I continue to build upon.  Although we have no plans to breed Zola, we have decided to use her name as our kennel name moving forward to honor the gifts she has brought into our life and home. Her contributions will forever remain invaluable as my 1st show girl. “Zola” means Peace and Tranquility; which is what my dogs bring into life unconditionally.

stella with flowersMy continued mentorship and knowledge is attributed to our breeder Sandra Gordon of Dimond RR’s who has blessed us with Stella “Dimond’s You Had Me at Merlot of SV” (link to pedigree and parents).  Sandra Gordon has been a joy and pleasure to know. She is a long time breeder of multiple champion Ridgebacks in conformation and performance events and has been honored with 2 time breeder of the year with our national RRCUS club in 2002 and 2008. Her lines are well established for sound temperament, health, structure, movement and excellent bone. We are forever thankful for Stella, who has begun her show career with 2 Majors at 11 months of age, owner handled by myself. Stella is a joyful soul lives life to the fullest with the utmost ease in any situation and is all one could hope for in a loyal member of our family. We look forward to continued success in the ring with Stella, and continuing a breeding program with her under the guidance and mentorship of Sandra Gordon for many years to come.

peter and pupIt is our goal to have long standing relationships with each of our puppy owners and provide continued support through the entirety of the lives of our dog’s progeny. Not only do we plan on breeding selectively, we also plan on placing our puppies in well suited homes based on temperament, family life style and prior dog experience of the families interested.

Our breeding plans will be based on Conformation, Health and Temperament. Any dogs considered in the future for breeding, will be tested for Hips, Elbows, Thyroid, Eye’s, Cardiac and DM. We will not breed often, being a serious but small kennel; however, if you are looking for referrals to other ethical breeders who uphold the highest standards in accordance with the RRCUS code of ethics and are looking for a puppy before we are able to commit to one for you and your family, we will be happy to refer you to others who may have litters planned that suit your time frame. stella front move

Please feel free to contact me at any time via email at  to discuss the breed, our dogs or to set up a time to meet the family to explore the consideration every owner should make before deciding to bring any dog, most importantly a Rhodesian Ridgeback home as a member of your family. They are indeed not the breed for everyone; but if they are for you and your family, you will find they capture your heart and soul in the most remarkable way!



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